New Jointer’s Workshop


As in every other trade, jointing on power cables requires not only familiarisation and introductory training courses but also updating programmes to take into consideration all relevant changes in relevant jointing techniques, new material, tools and technology. Periodic training courses are also crucial for our jointers to retain their skill set and craftsmanship across a range of joints and terminations even though some of the associated jointing works are not conducted frequently. Such training involves both theoretical and practical sessions with the latter requiring a well-equipped workshop for implementation.

During past years, Enemalta had a jointers’ workshop situated at the Marsaxlokk Training Centre. This facility was then transferred to Flagstone Wharf in the former Sea Malta premises, and subsequently, it was then shifted to Kordin.

Besides the need for larger premises, it was established that the hands-on practical sessions that were stressed on in the past need to be part of an overall jointing experience that is the basis of high quality jointer’s training. Such training covers all aspects of jointing and the full range of cable accessories delivered through both theoretical and practical sessions leading to accreditation.

To cater for the current and future needs, a decision to utilise the ex-mechanic workshop at Marsa was taken. Since this workshop, which was not in use for several years, served a different purpose, an extensive refurbishment project was required. This overhaul included the removal of scrap and paint; installation of water and electricity including lighting and a number of industrial power points; repointing and painting; cleaning, levelling and covering of the floor; fitting of cable holding clamps; renovation and fitting of two workbenches. Two adjacent rooms were also cleaned, painted and fitted out so that one is used for the jointers tools which were transported from the old workshop, registered with a full description and stored in the new workshop and the other used for lockers and jointing material. An outside caged area was refurbished and used to store gas cylinders and the surrounding area was cleaned, and permanent drains build in.

All this work was carried out by Enemalta and IESC personnel over a period of two months. As a result of this refurbishment process, training in the new jointer’s workshop commenced during this month while further upcoming courses are in the pipeline.