Our brand commitment

For decades, our engineers and technicians have been developing, operating and optimising the Maltese Islands’ electricity generation and distribution systems, energising the country’s industrial, commercial and social development. Our Company has been at the forefront of all major energy-intensive developments throughout the years, constantly adapting and upgrading the electricity distribution network to meet the constantly-changing energy demands of our customers.

Following many requests from leading local and international entrepreneurs, we are now offering the expertise of our project management and power engineering teams to the development and support of beyond-the-meter low-, medium- and high-voltage commercial projects and investments by other local and international businesses. 

Our cutting edge in low-, medium- and high-voltage services is the high quality of the technical services and after sales support we offer our clients. We directly employ a team of highly-trained technicians and engineers, who are on duty round-the-clock to provide immediate support to our customers. This guarantees a swift response in case of emergencies in your plant, helping to reduce the duration of downtimes and of costly losses in production and service time.

We are capable of offering this immediate support, as well as an extensive selection of material and equipment available in stock at our stores, from basic items to high and low voltage cables, transformers, switchgear and other related equipment. We ensure that we have sufficient stock levels to respond to our customers’ requests for assistance in an efficient and timely manner.

Our mission is to offer you reliable power engineering systems and continuous expert support to energise your business success.