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Report technical difficulties in your service

Use this online form to report technical difficulties specifically related to your electricity service, such as:

  • flickering lights or other technical difficulties in your electricity supply;
  • requesting emergency support or supply disconnection due to severe damage to your property (including fire);
  • reporting meter difficulties, such as meters that stopped recording consumption and broken or missing meter seals.

To report your difficulty by phone or through this online form, you would need to provide us with the account number or the meter number of your service. The two numbers can be found on your ARMS electricity bills, whilst the meter number is also printed on your meter.

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** We will send you a notification number by SMS on this contact number as soon as your report is processed.

Upon submitting your report you are confirming that you are the account holder, or acting on his/her behalf, and that you have taken all necessary measures, as explained on this website, to make sure that the difficulty you are reporting is not caused by difficulties in the property's internal electrical installation or by disconnections caused by overloading or non-payment of pending dues. Any misuse of this form will be investigated and reported to the authorities. We reserve the right to take any other action necessary to recover expenses incurred due to the misuse of this form.