Becoming an Enemalta customer

You are likely to become an Enemalta customer for the first time your first property. In this regard, you would need to apply for a new electricity service or transfer an existing electricity service to your name.

To request a new electricity service (Ae Application Form) or to transfer an existing service (F Application Form) to your name, you are invited to fill in the respective application forms, attach the specified documents and submit them to ARMS.

Read these application forms carefully, including the list of documents which we need to receive to be able to process your application. The forms also include information about the applicable fees. 

Transferring an existing account
 If you are buying a property that has an electricity supply, the previous owners must fill in and sign the relevant parts of the F Application Form and settle all pending dues on their account up to the date of the contract of sale. If the previous owners of the property you are buying do not settle their pending water and electricity accounts with ARMS, you will not be able to transfer the account onto your name. 

Getting you connected
Before applying for a new service, make sure that your internal electricity circuits meet all required standards and regulations set out in the Electricity Supply Regulations (S.L. 545.01), the Electrical Installations Regulations (S.L. 545.39) and the Network Code. You must also provide us with an adequate space to install the main fuse box, the electricity meter and any other equipment required for your electricity service. This space needs to be as close to the property’s entrance as possible. In some cases, we may also provide you with specific instructions on the location of the main fuse box and electricity meter as per applicable legislation.    

Once your application for a new service is processed and all applicable fees are paid, we will provide you with an electricity supply as soon as possible within 21 days, as long as no additional network development works are required. Additional network development works are necessary when requesting a new service in areas beyond the existing network’s reach, or when the existing network capacity needs to be expanded to accommodate the services you require.

These works may include the extension or installation of new overhead power lines or underground cables, and any other necessary transmission equipment to provide you with an adequate supply. In such situations, we would require more time to provide you with a supply, depending on the works involved.

Sometimes, we also use additional materials and equipment specifically for your connection. If this is the case, we will provide you with a quotation for the required expenses within 30 business days from the date of validation of application. Once you pay for these additional costs (within a fixed timeframe), we will carry out the necessary works to provide you with the electricity supply as soon as possible. If you disagree to these additional costs, you can withdraw your application or refer your case to the Regulator for Water and Energy Services for its consideration. Once your application is withdrawn, we will refund any application fees paid, with the exception of an administrative processing fee.