Frequently asked questions

Our smart meters

Your electricity consumption is measured through the electricity meters installed in your property. We measure electricity consumption through smart meters capable of transmitting your electricity consumption data to us remotely. Smart meters also provide you with additional information, including daily consumption readings at the press of a button to help you monitor and control of your energy use.

Yes; to read the smart meter, all you have to do is to read the figures on the central LED display.

The devices we install in your home are owned by our Company. Nevertheless, you are responsible for them. You must make sure that they are not damaged

No, the smart meter has no effect on such equipment whatsoever.

Smart meters allow Enemalta to collect more accurate and detailed statistics of consumption and load by time of the day, period of the year, as well as locality and areas around the island. This also helps Enemalta with medium-term grid infrastructure planning.

Yes: it does this by helping you identify the periods of the day, week or year your electricity consumption is higher, enabling you to reduce or shift this consumption to other times. By changing your consumption habits, you will not only be reducing your CO2 footprint, but also saving on your electricity bill.

Yes: the meter displays information about how much energy is being consumed. Moreover, you may access consumption information online to better understand your consumption patterns.

Every meter has either GIST, GISM or GISS printed on the left hand side of the display.

The meter does not require any action from your part. All operations will be done by our technicians remotely, and you do not need to interact with the smart meter. For more information, you can contact our customer care team

The installers will wear a uniform and an identity tag pertaining to Enemalta.

The meter registers both import and export of energy; therefore, it allows us to register what you are consuming as well as what you are producing.

You may contact our customer care team

The smart meter is equipped with sensors that will trigger an alarm at Enemalta plc if it is tampered with. Furthermore, given that the smart meter can be read very frequently (as much as every 15 minutes), the information captured will allow better identification of abnormal consumption, which could be the result of electricity pilferage.

Yes. There is no sound emitting functionality within the smart meter. 

Yes. The casing of the smart meter is manufactured with fire resistant and fireproof fibres.

The electricity is installed in a suitable location identified by Enemalta plc, ideally inside your property.

You are advised to switch off the load and reset the circuit breaker. If the meter fails to energise, kindly contact our customer care team.

There are three types of smart meters:

  • GISM, which is a single-phase (230v)
  • GIST, which is a three-phase (3*230/400v)
  • GISS, which is a meter installed for heavy consumers

The dimensions are as follows:

GISM single phase meter: 224 x 148 x 105mm

GIST three phase meter: 224 x 148 x 107.5mm

GISS heavy consumer meter: 290 x 225 x 129.2mm

The current service box (attached to the bottom of the meter) will be retained. This must be kept in mind when considering the space requirements.

This has several social benefits, especially when compared to the previous meter, such as the following:

  • All consumers benefit from a substantial amount of information and better control over consumption;
  • The reduction of electricity theft;
  • The reduction of certain costs such as meter reading, billing inefficiencies, disconnection and re-connection costs, and the ability to transfer such savings onto the consumer;

Smart metering offers several benefits, such as:

  • Eliminating manual meter reading by the Utilities
  • Eliminating the need of estimated bills
  • Offering more detailed feedback on energy use
  • Direction on adjusting consumption habits to lower electric bills
  • Remote interaction with the smart meter in case of faults

You are advised to limit your load to the maximum contracted service.

The flashing LEDs on the meter indicate the rate of consumption of electricity.

The smart electricity meter is an advanced meter that can store information (such as consumption readings) and transmit the data via a network to a central system. It can also receive commands from a remote location, which the old meter does not permit any of this. In the case of old meters, the consumption has to be read manually, and it is unable to communicate to and from a central system.

With the smart meter, your bill will be calculated on an actual reading. You will be billed for exactly what you consume with every bill.

The electricity supply would be cut off. 

The smart meter is owned by Enemalta plc.

This is there to control and limit the load supplied to the meter.

Only in exceptional cases such as to repair, replace, inspect or remove your meter. As long as there is no damage to the smart meter, meter reading will always be done remotely.

We usually disconnect your services due to unpaid bills or other irregularities. Please contact ARMS or our Customer Care team  for more information on this difficulty.

We usually disconnect your services due to unpaid bills or other irregularities. Please contact ARMS or our customer care team for more information on this difficulty.